Heli-logging is a great alternate to conventional ground based logging for both native and exotic timber. The ability of the helicopter to lift logs directly from where they are felled to a process point with little ground disturbance is environmentally attractive.

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Any harvestable timber in country which requires new roading, new tracks, river crossings, new bridges, near waterways or resource consents, heli-logging is an alternate way of extraction. Utilising the helicopter to lift out tree’s which are in congested areas, problematic or otherwise difficult and costly locations, we have a solution.

Heli-logging is also a solution for trees located in congested areas, problematic or otherwise difficult and costly locations.

The helicopter can remove trees section by section until they are completely removed without direct disturbance to the surrounds. Our hydraulic grapple not only collects logs, it’s also a great tool for removing slash from waterways, slopes or other areas of concern.

Choker Nubbin or Remote Hook

Choking logs is a means of collecting (1) or more logs together for one lift to maximise the helicopters optimum payload. This can be done by using a choker nubbin or remote hook.

Hydraulic Grapple

The hydraulic grapple is remotely operated by the pilot at the end of the long line to grapple logs without the need for persons on the ground otherwise connecting logs to the helicopter for extraction.


If there is a requirement to remove trees from confined areas, sensitive locations or very difficult areas that can’t be accessed by machinery, helicopter extraction is a very clean and quick solution to the problem. Trees can be lifted directly from the site to a truck, process area or any area where the trees can further taken care of.

Slash Removal

Many waterways and steep slopes end up with slash in or on them. These areas are often very hard to get man or machinery into to remove this slash. Using the hydraulic grapple, the Black Hawk can lift loads of up to 3 tonne +, out of these effected areas, to a desired dump spot. Example of this type of production with the Black Hawk, removing slash from a stream to an area approximately 50 meters away, would be about 180 – 300 tonne per flying hour.