We are typical Kiwis who love our profession and work, coming together to make things happen in the sky. We enjoy aviation and love the privilege of flying throughout New Zealand and the World, enjoying the special feeling one gets when working above earth.


Kahu NZ - Our History


Our helicopter story began back when brothers Mark, Peter, David and sisters Anna and Julia were growing up on their hill country family farm and first watched helicopters going about aerial work. The helicopter was like no other piece of machinery they had ever seen. The ability to fly and operate in any part of the immediate airspace was truely amazing. This spurred an interest. During these times, Dad purchased a Bantam B22 microlight and our rural aviation life continued through his flying from the farm.

Our era was also one of a truly unique period in NZ aviation history. To be able to use the helicopter for hunting feral deer was both special and particular to NZ. To participate in both aviation and hunting was the dream of most hunter pilots. To fly and work in the wilderness and remoteness of NZ was simply living that dream.

The typical evolvement of business within this sector, exposed new directions, new aircraft types, all in pursuit of niches created or which currently existed. It also took us globally, where we used our skills and experience to achieve outcomes in lands which were not commonly travelled yet sprinkled with enormous experiences.

Our work has been very diverse with the foundation born via wild animal recovery and live capture. This profession is an immensely skilled discipline which exposes oneself to enormous challenges. Honed skills in this trade prepare you well when tackling all weather, varied environments, aircraft performance and aerial skill sets gained throughout your aviation career.

Logging, agricultural, shooting, lifting, capture, darting, flight training, air transport, SAR, fire fighting, frost, VIP charter are all sectors of which we are experienced within.

For 22 years our family owned company has chiselled its way into a niche and continues to pursue and enjoy aviation as our primary means of business. With our new addition to the company, we easily see another 20 years but with some additional innovative options and plans unfolding.

Kahu NZ Story


Kahu NZ was born via an aspiration fuelled by a focused motivation to become something strong and exciting within our helicopter business. The age old; “imagine if”, “I reckon I can”, “I’ll give it a go” attitude, was key in making this all happen. We all have this in us, its just matter of applying it relentlessly and as my good friend the late Pera Te Amo always said, “lean forward and outcomes prevail”.

Kahu NZ is that. With beginnings derived from rural NZ, previous experience within both aviation and military environments and a can do attitude, the idea of doing something like buying and operating the iconic Black Hawk, came easy.

By seeking out and bolting on like minded people spread across all walks of life, trades and the globe, the plan slowly evolved. Pot holes and curve balls abounded but thats expected. However a determined drive navigates these issues and finally you get runs on the board and the light gets brighter.

Kahu (Māori name for Hawk) is fitting for the Black Hawk which after 40 years of operations has found a new home in New Zealand. The idea to rename the exisiting company with the addition of the Black Hawk, came easy. The branding of the Hawk came easy also. Thanks to some very clever locals, the new brand was born. The “Kiwi Hawk” has been instantly owned by Kiwis. The eagerness to make it part of who we all are, has evolved with huge excitement and a strong willingness by many people to help wherever possible.

With black being the iconic colour of our national sporting teams, Kahu the Māori hawk, NZ our amazing country and the kowhaiwhai our special Maori illustration of all things Pakeha and Māori, we collectively capture who we are. Another special adage, is the US flag, representing the Pickering family of America who helped make all of this happen and whom we would not have succeeded without.

Having all of this bolted into one aircraft type, exudes an overwhelming sense of “Kia kaha” (strength). Flying our skies, working within our communities and representing us abroad reflects a similar image we see of our national teams, companies and people fronting up and getting the job done. This is an easy aircraft to like. Its a real been there and done that helicopter. Its “there and back” capability is legendary, all 40 years and 14 million flight hours of it.

So we welcome the Black Hawk to NZ. We say a huge thanks to everyone involved with this special project and long live the immense power of the human mind once tapped by motivated individuals.


The team are a collective of skilled, experienced, hardworking and friendly people who strive hard within their profession to deliver efficient and safe aerial work.

Mark Law


Mark is the CEO, CP and CFI here at Kahu NZ. He began his career by recovering feral deer from the NZ Wilderness for export in 1998. This was followed by extensive aerial work throughout the world, including the USA, Mexico, Australia and Africa. Mark has 8,900+ flight hours.

Peter Law


Dave (one of the Law brothers and twin to Pete) has been flying since 1994. He has flown around the world and has extensive experience in the aerial work industry. He enjoys rural work and his family. Dave has 11,600+ hours.

David Law


Pete (the other Law brother, twin to Dave) has been flying since 1993. He has flown around the world and like Dave has extensive aerial work experience. Pete enjoys family, hunting and getting out into the NZ back blocks when he can and very passionate about flying. Pete has 13,500+ hours.

John Harre


John grew up in the same farming community as the Law brothers and attended the same primary school, (a Whangamomona local). He has been farming, breaking in horses, logging, gold mining and flying around the world since 1990. He really enjoys working in the rural and bush environment. He has 4,600+ hours.

Dean Matthews


Dean owns his own helicopter business based in Blenheim and has been flying since 1990. He is widely experienced across all sectors of the industry. He has a passion for diving, fishing, hunting and family. Dean has 11,500 + hours.


A very experienced and highly skilled aircraft engineer having established his trade with the Australian Navy maintaining Sea Hawks and then working throughout the civil engineering sectors across many countries maintaining many different helicopters. Darren enjoys family, mountain biking and hunting. Darren is the DOM for Kahu NZ maintaining the Black Hawk.

Tom Storey


A highly skilled craftsman who is the owner of business, “Back Country Builders”. A passionate hunter and family man, Tom learned to fly with the Law brothers and flies commercially in the Eastern BOP. Tom has 1000+ hours.


Luke grew up tagging along with the late Alex Loughlan, flying all over the East Coast and thus sowed the seed to fly helicopters. An accomplished builder, rock driller and pilot, Luke brings a variety of experience to his profession, ensuring you are well cared for.

Luke is an Eastern BOP local so has good knowledge of his work place area and local weather. A family man with great humour, you are always in good company. Luke has 2000 + hours .

Luke and Cara have started BOP Helicopters which operates under Kahu NZ Ltd. This is their own family business, with Luke continuing to fly for KNZ where required, he is focused on building their business within the frame work of Kahu NZ.


Jess is our Safety Manager. She has a long history of safety, having worked in both the Oil & Gas sector and the Helicopter Industry, across both the US and NZ. She is married to Peter Law and share both a love of aviation that has taken them around the world together. Jess has worked for Kahu NZ previously so we welcome her back again.


Taking care of accounts, admin and sale of TUU products. A long background in education, teaching PE to secondary students. An accomplished Pilates instructor and of late fulfilling the accounts role for the business. Chanel is also part of the TUU business and is part of the admin and sales team for that. A foodie and crossfitter, Chanel enjoys soacialising and being a busy mum to three.


Clare has been with Kahu since her move from the UK to NZ in 2011. She has 450 hours flying helicopters for the company. Clare is currently our Safety Manager and can undertake a number of other roles in the business. She is an avid dirt bike rider amongst many other outdoor activities and is always out and about with Toby (her boy) and her friends. She has a strong tech background and is fond of Vans and Land Rovers!!!


Andy is the part owner of his family business, Airborne Aviation located in Bridge Pa, Hawkes Bay, NZ. He is a fully qualified S70 / UH-60 Black Hawk engineer and helps with the daily maintenance of our Black Hawk/s. He has a great team of able engineers incluidng a very capable avionics engineer who contracts in and compliments the team.


Kahu NZ is based in the small Eastern Bay of Plenty town of Whakatane, North Island of New Zealand. We see the most sunshine hours in New Zealand alongside Nelson. Whakatane is situated on the coast surrounded by productive farmland and 220,000 hectares of pristine National Parks and Te Urewera.

Whakatane is located 1 hour drive from either Rotorua or Tauranga, 2 hours from Taupo and 3.5 hours from Auckland.  Whakatane is partnered by another coastal town called Ohope which has one of the best beaches in New Zealand.

The Eastern BOP has fantastic tramping, biking, surfing, fishing & hunting all year round. Great for families and distant enough from large metropolitan areas to enjoy a great pace of life.