With our heavy lift capability, moving loads of up to 3.6 tonnes by air offers an alternate methodology for getting the job done. The speed of moving loads from point A to B is measured in minutes rather than hours, days or weeks.


Much of New Zealand, Australasia and the Pacific Islands are made up of steep, rugged and an inaccessible landscapes. This coupled with increasing environmental restrictions, mean the reliance on Helicopters to transport equipment, stores, machinery and supplies etc is often the only way to get into these areas. With our heavy lift option, moving loads of up to 3.6 tonnes, offers an alternate means to the normal methodology of getting the job done. The speed of moving loads from point A to B is measured in minutes rather than days, weeks or months.


Dropping water onto land slips is often a great way to remove unwanted material or dislodged rocks and boulders to limit risk, reduce slope weight or wash landslips clean. Using the underslung fire bucket with up to 3400 litres of water, ensures a significant amount of weight being dropped on targeted areas.

Black Hawk
Black Hawk

Concrete, gravel & sand

Our material buckets can carry approximately 1.2 m3 or up to 3.0 tonne at a time.

Construction machinery

The external payload capability of the Black Hawk means we can carry small diggers, skid steers, drill rigs, side by sides and other similar weighted vehicles to remote construction sites.

Seismic Drilling

For flying heli-transportable drill rigs across all terrain.


Planes and helicopters which require transport can be easily underslung.

Shipping Containers - Transportation

Shipping Containers

The Black Hawk can transport 20′ shipping containers complete. Currently we can only lift 40′ containers with all four doors removed.

Small homes

Finally your dream of establishing your home in an remote or inaccessible location is now a reality. We can now transport complete, compartmentalised or sectional small homes into nearly any building site. This can be across a bay or sound, to an island or on a mountain.

Black Hawk

Building materials

All forms of building material can be flown to the work site. This includes prefab, tilt slab concrete, large beams, bridges, trusses, roofing and anything else which is required to complete a build.

Vehicle recovery

For commercial, private or insurance requirements, we can recover most light vehicles that operate in NZ.

Black Hawk

Swimming pools

Some swimming pools which aren’t able to be craned into place could be lifted by helicopter. This will be a case by case option if placement is within a congested area, i.e town or city.

Sculptures & Statues

For those areas which are difficult to access for erecting, removing or maintaining sculptures or statues, the helicopter is an ideal tool for these precision tasks.

Sculpture & Statue Transporation - Kahu NZ