UH60 Black Hawk for lifting up to 3.6 tons of cargo externally.



Kahu NZ (KNZ) is privileged to own and offer the iconic Black Hawk UH60 helicopter for heavy lift work based out of New Zealand. This aircraft fulfils the heavy lift niche within NZ and the South Pacific region. We have made a long term commitment to ensure this capability will always be available for our clients and customers, region wide and well into the future. The [Pickering Aviation Inc] EH60A Black Hawk helicopter, is fully type accepted into NZ CAA. Currently we have (5) fully type rated NZ pilots and a small NZ contingent of engineers qualified to maintain the Black Hawk.

Black Hawk Aerial Work

  • Construction of chair lifts, gondolas, remote structures, bridges, buildings etc
  • Electrical pylons, power poles, foundations, cell towers
  • Heavy machinery transport to difficult or remote sites
  • Fire Fighting (3400 litres with PowerFill Snorkel)
  • Sluicing
  • Concrete and gravel
  • Small homes, port-a-coms, podlife and container homes
  • Disaster relief and support
  • Heli-logging (both native and exotic)
  • Movie-hawk roles
  • Frost
  • Slash removal
  • Training (future)

To support the work above, we have longlines, grapples, fire bucket, strops, chokers, choker nubbin, concrete and gravel buckets. For movies we can source military look-a-like hardware to fit the requirements of a military configured Hawk.

Black Hawk Capability

  • 3.6 tons external load
  • 120 knots with an underslung load
  • Cruise of 140 knots
  • Endurance 2.2 hours
  • 88 dba (similar to a diesel truck passing 20′ away travelling at 80 kms)
  • Twin engine with impressive single engine performance
  • Over 14 million flight hours
  • Triple hydraulics
  • Two crew
  • NVG capable
  • De-ice equipped
  • 15 essential crew seats