The ability of the helicopter to travel into areas effected by disaster or in an emergency situation is vital for people’s survival and assistance.


The Black Hawk can transport large quantities of supplies, food, medical equipment, portable medical containers, portable shelter, machinery, vehicles, fuel, generators and many other critical items required for the health and safety of effected people. We are planning on incorporating long range auxiliary tanks for the Black Hawk so we can fly to the Pacific Islands or Australia when required.


The high cruise speed with underslung load enables the Black Hawk to deliver a lot of supplies quickly to any remote area effected by an earth quake. The Black Hawk can also internally accomodate up to 3 tonnes of supplies which can be flown quicker when compared to external load flight of a similar weight.

Earthquake - Disaster & Emergency
Flooding & Tsunami

Flooding & Tsunami

Moving supplies, materials and machinery quickly around flooded areas is often whats required but not able. The option to fly sandbags, materials and supplies into effected areas from forward bases or ships is vital to peoples survival and comfort. The Black Hawk is perfect for this role.

Volcanic Eruption

Within New Zealand and the surrounding Islands, there are many Volcanoes which all have the potential to become active. We have the ability to reach these Volcanoes relatively quickly and support rescue personal by way of payload and speed.

Volcanic Eruption - Distaster & Emergency
Tornado & Hurricane - Disaster & Emergency

Tornado & Hurricane

The Black Hawk can carry container homes, Podlife’s and other cubicle accomodation quickly and easily to areas where there is an immediate requirement for shelter and or medical support. We can also transport generators for powering emergency equipment, machinery, medical and food supplies.

Ship Run Aground

The Black Hawk is perfectly suited for either the removal or recovery of shipping containers, cargo or re-supply of any ship which has run a ground or in need of assistance throughout Australasia, Pacific Islands, Antartica and New Zealand.

Ship run aground
Long Range Search & Rescue - Disaster & Emergency

Long Range Search & Rescue

Plans are underway to increase fuel capacity within the Black Hawk that can be used for extended flight for the likes of off shore missions requiring greater range than 250 NMs. With our proposed aux tanks, we will be able to extend flight out to 770 NMs.