Infrastructure construction into remote or difficult areas is what helicopters do best. With precision pilots matching aircraft using specific equipment, the helicopter is second to none.


The simplistic speed of getting the job done is normally unmatched when using a helicopter. This coupled with limited ground work, offers a great option to minimise environmental impact and minimise costs compared to conventional methods.

Transmission Towers & Powerlines

Where ever these structures are destined for placement into remote areas, transport of these by helicopter is incredibly quick.

Power Poles

By lifting entire power pole assemblies, the only work for the installers are prepping the holes and securing the poles.

Black Hawk

Cell towers

Complete cell towers with all attached aerials etc can be flown into remote sites in their entitreity there.

Gondolas & Chairlifts

The helicopter can do away with the likes of tracked machinery or material ropeways to assemble or disassemble Gondolas and Chairlifts.

Black Hawk at Whakapapa


The helicopter can air crane into place a fixed earth crane.


Often pipelines traverse difficult ground. The helicopter can lift sections into place with very high accuracy limiting the risk of time delays and damage to these delicate structures.

Black Hawk

Prefabricated structure

Prefab concrete, steel or timber can all be flown into place by helicopter to aid in building.